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Enclosed Trailers

Wheel-A-Way Trailers is the number one name in enclosed trailers. We carry multiple brands including Freedom, Spartan and Arising.
Models are available in a wide range of widths, lengths, colors and options to choose from. Pick a trailer that suits your requirements, whether for your ATV, Car, Motorcycle or work. We have a large inventory to choose from, or we can custom order one to your exact specifications.
Contact us today to find the ideal trailer that suits your needs.


Here is a sample of what we carry!

6×18 Flat Top Cargo Trailer, Dual Axles, Dropdown Door. 2-Tone.

6×24 Flat Top Cargo Trailer, Dual Axles, Side Door. Black.

Round Top Cargo Trailer, V-Nose, Dual Axles. Silver.

Round Top Cargo Trailer, Dual Axles, V-Nose. Red Chrome Trim.

Round Top Cargo Trailer, Single Wheel, Round Nose. White.

Round Flat Top Cargo Trailer, Dual Axles, Custom Nose Black Chrome Trim.